We are the world’s first purpose-built platform to mobilize knowledge & fund breakthrough ideas.

We exist to be a catalyst for learning, science & innovation

The research and innovation ecosystem has a problem.

Solving humanities greatest challenges this century requires not only supporting potentially breakthrough ideas, but cultivating an unprecedented level of collaboration amongst scientific researchers, innovators, industry, and the wider society.

In many countries the standard government research model has shifted towards funding incremental, established ideas. Millions of hours of research time are wasted by our top scientists; writing unsuccessful proposals that are seen by only a select few peers. This is immensely inefficient for the government, and so much knowledge remains hidden and immobilised.

Globally, there are millions of researchers from around 30,000 universities and institutes. However there are immense barriers (demographic, geographic, informational, cost) that limit the ability of anyone to engage with them.

Thinkable is built to solve this problem

We believe technology can, and will, transform how the world engages and funds breathrough ideas and the people behind them. Everyone should have the ability to learn from, and collaborate with the worlds scientific experts and PhD's. By cultivating a new era of communication and sharing, it will help those seeking scientific knowledge while supporting the most innovative researchers.

Our mission at Thinkable is to empower anyone to learn, collaborate and fund a new generation of researchers and innovators to change the world.

The Leadership Team


Ben McNeil

Vice Chancellor

Ernest Lie

Dean of Software Engineering

Barry Jiao

Dean of Design

Joe Mulcare

Dean of Innovation

Hugo Floyd

Head of Engineering

Meg Reckord

Head of Medicine

Antoine Lubrani

Head of Social Science

Sydney is our global home
The Opera House is our inspiration

In 1957, the government launched a global competition to fund breakthrough ideas for an Opera House. The prize was $5000.

Jorn Utzon, a young unknown Danish architect submitted this original sketch. The rest is history.

This inspired us to build a platform that allows anyone to source and fund their own breakthrough ideas to change the world.

Opera house